5 Unique Movie Venues From Around the World

Unique movie venues around the world

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Everyone’s familiar with movie theaters and Netflix. However, there are other amazing ways to watch movies that are less common yet equally fascinating. This blog will cover 5  unique(1) ways to watch movies around the world. Read on for unique movie venues around the world. 

Drive-in Theaters: United States 

Being American myself, I grew up watching movies at the drive-in quite often, and I have a lot of great memories of seeing summer blockbusters(2) with my family and friends. At that time, I didn’t realize drive-ins were so American: I assumed much of the world had them. 

So, what is a drive-in? It’s a huge—and I mean huge—screen that is placed outside in front of a large plot(3) of land. People take their cars and park at a spot where they can see the screen well. The movies start after nightfall, otherwise, it’s too hard to see the screen. 

The sound plays through your car’s stereo system. You can sit inside or outside of your car, and much like a conventional movie theater, there are snack stands. 

Drive-ins are considered retro since they reached their peak popularity in the 1950s and 1960s, but in the last couple of decades, they have been making a comeback. They are great for families, and especially for couples. 

DVD Rooms: South Korea

While other East Asian countries have DVD rooms, they seem to be most popular in South Korea. DVD rooms are small establishments where you can watch a movie in a private room. Since the movies are on DVD or Blu-ray, they aren’t new releases, but generally(4) there is  a massive selection to choose from. 

DVD movies on a shelf in a Korean DVD room

Young couples tend to love to go to DVD rooms because it’s a chance for them to be alone without their family bothering them. While couples are the most frequent customers, anyone can go. What makes DVD rooms so fun is the privacy . You get a giant couch or a giant bed, and it’s just you and whomever you invite. 

Rooftop Theaters: Global

Rooftop theaters are a lot of fun since you actually get to sit outside. Last summer I had the pleasure of visiting Cine Paris in Athens, Greece. It was a lovely summer night and I drank some beer and watched a flick(5) while I waited for my friend to arrive, all with a stunning view of the city skyline and the Parthenon(6). 

These theaters, of course, require good weather. They typically serve food and drinks (usually including alcohol), and they are considered to be pretty romantic. It is certainly a novel experience. 

The Parthenon outside of the Cine Paris rooftop movie theater

If you’ve never seen a movie in a rooftop theater, try to find one near you or hit one up next time you travel. You won’t regret it. 

Community Film Events: Global 

In most cities, there are public(7) movie events. Last year in Taipei, there was a Christmas movie showing where tons of people could come to watch for free (these events aren’t always free). There were vendors selling their products, and everyone was in high spirits. 

You might find these showings in parks, city squares, parking garages, and so on. 

You will probably have to check out Facebook and find out when these events take place. It’s a good way to meet new people, and it is much more relaxed and open than a traditional movie theater. That said, you can’t choose the movie, but most people probably go for the communal experience more so than the actual movie. 

Hot Tub Cinema:  London, NYC, and Ibiza

I have to admit(8) that I have never experienced a hot tub cinema. They just look really cool. There are only locations in three countries right now, but if you get a chance, definitely check one out. 

As the name implies, you get to sit in a hot tub while watching the film. The hot tubs are on roofs, and being outdoors, the films are shown at night. Bring some friends, grab some drinks, hop in the hot tub, and enjoy a film. 

When Popcorn Was Banned at the MoviesWhen Popcorn was outlawed from movie theaters


There are many other unique venues around the world, and this list barely scratches the surface. Hopefully you’ve put a new way to experience a movie on your bucket list. Movie theaters and the living room are great, but there is a world out there to explore, in and off the screen.  

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1. unique (adj.) 

def.  being without a like or equal

Ex. I want a unique hat, something that nobody else has. 

2. blockbuster (n.) 

Def. one that is notably expensive, effective, successful, large, or extravagant

Ex. Avengers: Endgame was the biggest blockbuster of 2019. 

3. plot (n.) 

Def. a small area of planted ground

Ex. Let’s build our house on this plot of land. 

4. generally (adv.) 

Def. as a rule: usually

Ex. We generally don’t watch horror movies because they scare my mother too much. 

5. flick (n.) 

Def. informal way to say movie 

Ex. Let’s go see a flick this weekend. Maybe check out the new Leonardo DiCaprio movie? 

6. Parthenon (n.) 

Def. a Doric temple of Athena built on the acropolis at Athens in the fifth-century b.c.

Ex. The Parthenon is one of Athens’ most popular tourist attractions. 

7. public 

Def. exposed to general view: open

Ex. This is a public program, so you are not allowed to swear or curse. 

8. admit (v.) 

Def. to make acknowledgment

Ex. You still won’t admit you broke the window? 


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