Ten YouTube Channels That Might Change Your Life

Are you addicted to YouTube?

Looking to improve yourself?

These ten channels may be able to help you!



We all love YouTube… sometimes a bit too much. It’s a place where we can go to learn, get the news, indulge our personal interests, or just be entertained. Unless you’ve been living under a rock or you’re a Luddite(1), you’ve surely been on YouTube and likely use it regularly. 

For me, it has almost entirely replaced TV. YouTube is my go-to method of watching videos (and if my girlfriend didn’t have Netflix, it would be my only way). Here are ten English channels that I highly recommend. Of course, there are many other amazing YouTube channels out there too, but I personally enjoy these selections and I’ve intentionally tried to make the list as diverse as possible. 

News – Vox

Not everyone loves watching the news, and many of the biggest networks tend to focus on just one country or location. Vox, on the other hand, is a very modern news website that covers stories from around the world. Yes, it’s technically an American organization, and they do cover a lot of American stories. Nonetheless, they move beyond the current political drama and answer fascinating questions like why the drinking age in America is 21, and they do a lot of international stories as well. I learned about visiting North Korea, the suppression(2) of Uighur culture in China, and the Hong Kong riots from Vox. 

If you like international news and interesting global issues, Vox is for you. They are quite famous now, but their videos still feel very personal and passion-driven. 

Self-Improvement – Charisma on Command 

Looking for confidence or charisma(3)? You’ve come to the right channel. Charisma on Command is tailored to teach you how to become more sociable, charismatic, better at making friends and dating, and a lot more. 

What makes Charisma on Command special is how fun the videos are to watch and how much effort the creator puts into making them. The host does a great job of finding actors and famous figures we can emulate and learn from. He even has one playlist dedicated to charisma lessons based on Game of Thrones characters! 

Exercise – Scott Herman Fitness

I’ve become much more interested in exercise in the last year or two, but if you’re new, the gym can be one of the scariest places on the planet. Furthermore, YouTube is loaded with exercise videos, some of which give plain awful advice. 

Scott Herman has been running his channel for over a decade, and he has a program for everyone. He has bodyweight options, dumbbell workouts, big sets, how to exercise each muscle with just two exercises, and a lot more. 

I used to watch a few exercise channels, but Scott’s channel is so good that I almost exclusively watch his content. If you want to get in shape, get toned, or get shredded(4), check out Scott Herman Fitness. 

Language – Coffee Break Languages 

Whether you’re studying English, German, French, Japanese, or Chinese, Coffee Break Languages will have something for you. They have videos, podcasts, and Facebook groups, and they encourage engaging language from many different angles.

I like Coffee Break Languages because they start from the basics and keep going until you become conversational. The hosts are knowledgeable and encouraging, and the pace isn’t too fast or too slow.

Depending on what language you wish to study, there are tons of good options out there.  That being said, Coffee Break Languages is surely a great addition to your language learning toolkit. 

Gaming – Happy Console Gamer

I love video games. I’ve been playing since I was five years old, and I think it’s truly one of the most amazing forms of media and modern art. Happy Console Gamer has been playing games since the 80s, and he is definitely the happiest gamer on YouTube. His videos are just bursting with positive vibes and a genuine love of video games. 

Despite his age, Happy Console Gamer reviews most new AAA titles. He does a lot of retro(5) reviews too. The one con is that he doesn’t really do anything with PC games. However, if you love consoles, handhelds, retro games, or modern games, Happy Console Gamer will surely bring a smile to your face. 

Movies – Honest Trailers

I enjoy movies, but I don’t nerd out on them as much as I do video games. Honest Trailers is a channel that even casual movie fans can enjoy. The basic idea is that they make fake trailers(6) for movies and expose all the ridiculous aspects of the film. It is comedic, however, so the trailers are always hilarious. 

Whether you like the targeted movie or not, you are guaranteed to laugh at their funny–and very honest–trailers. 

Outdoors – Homemade Wanderlust

Hiking and the outdoors are very close to my heart. I have been an outdoor enthusiast since I was a child. There are tons of amazing channels, so it was almost impossible for me to choose just one. 

Still, I would highlight Homemade Wanderlust in particular. It is run by an American woman–which is awesome in itself–who loves to hike. What makes her channel amazing is that she has videos for everyone. Are you a beginner who is trying to figure out how to pack your bag properly and camp? She has you covered. Are you just looking for recommendations on gear or food for the trail? Covered. Are you experienced and looking for a long trail to satiate(7) your hiking needs? She has the information you need. 

Homemade Wanderlust is really helpful and interesting, and it will definitely motivate you to hit the trail soon. 

Finance – Two Cents 

I am pretty new to learning about finance, so I am still exploring finance channels myself. I actually discovered Two Cents while working at VoiceTube. It’s run by a husband and a wife (I think?) who try to create fun videos with skits and historical references in order to teach you personal finance.

5 Questions To Ask Before Investing

They cover everything from eating out to credit cards to the basics of investing. If you’re pretty new to investing and personal finance, this is a good place to start. While other channels will go into more depth with the figures and details, Two Cents is accessible and complements(8) other finance information well. 

Funny – Casually Explained 

Casually Explained is probably the strangest channel on this list. The creator takes life topics like dating, exercising, and socializing and makes them very awkward. He does this with deadpan(9) narration and intentionally poor animations

If you’ve ever felt like an outcast or that life just doesn’t make sense, check out this channel. You will feel a bit better about yourself while grabbing a few awkward laughs.  

Relaxation – Jason Stephenson – Sleep Meditation Music

What better place to end than sleep? Do you have trouble sleeping? Me too. I find that sleep meditation helps sometimes, even if it is just to calm down my brain and body.

Jason Stephenson is famous for having a calm voice and great sleep meditation techniques. You will learn how to breathe, how to quiet your mind, and how to allow yourself to transition from wakefulness(10) to sleep more naturally. Give one of his videos a try, join along, and you should be able to sleep in no time.


1. Luddite (n.) 

Def. a person who is opposed to the introduction of new working methods, especially new machines

Ex. My friend is such a Luddite. He refuses to buy a smartphone or join Facebook. 

2. suppression (n.) 

Def. the act of ending something by force

Ex. The suppression of minority voters was a disgusting act. 

3. charisma (n.) 

Def. a special power that some people have naturally that makes them able to influence other people and attract their attention and admiration

Ex. Jesus had a lot of charisma. Many people still admire and follow him. 

4. get shredded (phr.) 

Def. to build muscle and lose fat, so you can see the definition of all the muscle

Ex. Let’s go to the gym and get shredded

5. retro (adj.) 

Def.  styles, fashions, etc. from the past

Ex. I love retro video games. 8-bit games like Mega Man and Super Mario Bros. were the best! 

6. trailer (n.)

Def. an advertisement for a film or a television or radio program, consisting of short parts taken from it

Ex. The Frozen 2 movie trailer had everyone excited to see what Anna and Elsa would do next. 

7. satiate (v.) 

Def. to completely satisfy yourself or a need, especially with food or pleasure, so that you could not have any more

Ex. I cannot satiate my thirst! I just can’t stop drinking water! 

8. complement (v.) 

Def. to make something else seem better or more attractive when combining with it

Ex. I think your pink dress really complements your white shirt. 

9. deadpan (adj.) 

Def. looking or seeming serious when you are telling a joke

Ex. His deadpan hosting style made the audience feel very uncomfortable. 

10. wakefulness (n.)

Def. the state of being awake 

Ex. I began to drift between sleep and wakefulness while watching YouTube. 



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